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Junior gym is the magical centre for development of your kid into a strong individual, infusing the Physical and Mental strength. Among the first of its kind Junior Gym centre in Patna is imbibing the spirit of physical development through its multi programmed adventure learning providing Karate, Zumba Classes, Strength Training Classes, Self Defense, Nutrition, Gymnastic and much more.
With the all new kids grooming school, Junior Gym in Patna is preparing the kids to battle the challenges of life in an adventurous way. They are helping the kids to build up confidence which will reflect in the studies and in the due course of life.

The concept of ‘Gym’ is not just to muscle up body but to build up Brain. With courses and learning as dynamic as Nutrition and Personality Development, your kid will surely win the race and will stand strong against the perils.

Welcome to Junior Gym

Join Our Journey of Discovery

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Self Defence


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Our Philosophy & Mission

Life’s a combat. You either fight or just give up. Giving up should never be the option.”

To either win or lose, you have to fight. We strive towards shaping a kid’s future which should be inclined towards Morality and Independence. We want to infuse the qualities of self-righteousness and an indomitable spirit in your kids through our courses and sessions. More than a Pre-school and no less than gym, Junior Gym centre in Patna is the best place to lay the foundation of your kid’s bright future.


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Skills That Children Will Learn
  • Self Defence
  • Strength Training
  • Gymnastics
  • Group Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss

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every mother would, I definitely was looking for a school that I could rely on. Trustimg your child in someone else’s hands isn’t easy, however Little birdies proved that I can be calm about my kid’s wellbeing and education. Thank you so much!

Anisha mishra

Anisha mishra


Your center is great! Every parent should know that they can rely on your professional help with kids and that here they can learn a lot about education, parenting, learning, and teaching. this means a lot in today’s world. Thanks for everything!

Durgesh singh

Durgesh singh



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